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BCI-0: Brain Computer Interface for Cognitive Training and Domotic Assistance against the Effects of Ageing.

  • Cognitive training by aged Cognitive training setup.
  • EEG pattern evolution EEG pattern evolution along memory training sessions.
  • Beta-band differences Beta-banda differences between last and first training sessions.

The present project has two main purposes. Firstly, the aim is to develop a cognitive training application using a sensorimotor-based BCI system that requires extensive training. Thus, the interaction of users with this application could be a suitable training to prevent cognitive impairment. Proposed cognitive training tasks will be divided into different subsets and difficulty levels, in order to assess the progress of the user skills. Secondly, the project has the aim to develop a P300-based BCI domotic application to assist dependent elderly people who have severe impairments to interact with their environment. Both applications will be tested and evaluated by elderly people from the Centro de Referencia Estatal de Discapacidad y Dependencia in León (Spain). Finally, the influence of previous cognitive training on the use of the BCI-based assistive application will be evaluated.

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