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Interplay: Advanced video game console adapted to the playful rehabilitation of children with neuromotor disorders.

  • Cervical computer interface Cervical computer interface for CP children.
  • CP children playing with her head CP children playing with her head.

This project is aimed at children with cerebral palsy (CP) and related syndromes.

The CP is the most common neuromotor disability in childhood and between 2 and 3 cases per thousand inhabitants are diagnosed . The CP is usually defined as a "global disfunction of a person consisting in a permanent disorder and not immutable muscle tone, posture and movement due to a non-progressive brain injury before their development and growth are complete."

Besides motor disturbances level, this injury can generate changes in higher functions and interfere with the development of the central nervous system. Sensory, behavior, personality, cognitive, communicative or health disturbances may occur. Spatial perception, and the ability to calculate distances, or build visually in three dimensions can also be affected. Communication skills depend primarily on the intellectual and speech development, which must be encouraged from the earliest years of life. It is common that the child shows learning disorders, attention-losses, concentration, memory and information processing.

With this motivation, INTERPLAY project proposes the development of an advanced console that suits the motor and cognitive level of the user. The main objectives of the motor rehabilitation are to reduce disability, increase functional ability and, consequently, promote social participation.

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