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NetMD: Networked platform for the remote monitoring of Movement Disorders.

  • NetMD general scheme
    NetMD general scheme NetMD general scheme.


Movement disorders (MDs) are neurologic syndromes in which there is either an excess of movement or a paucity of voluntary and automatic movements, unrelated to weakness and spasticity. The majority of MD patients report serious difficulties in performing their ADLs, and reduced independence and QoL. MD rank among the most common neurological diseases in elderly and contribute significantly to morbidity and mortality. There is a substantial under-recognition and under-treatment of MDs in Europe. Providing clinicians with decision support systems and optimal treatment prediction will constitute a remarkable step forward.

The main objective of NetMD is to develop an interactive platform for community based MD monitoring and assessment as the basis to: (1) continuously and remotely monitor motor control and MD expression, which will constitute a step forward in MD disease management by integrating accurate holistic information, with current clinical criteria, and (2) evaluate clinically and economically the benefits of remote MD management, 3) further our understanding of MDs to optimize current and develop novel therapy paradigms, which will enable the patient specific prediction of MD progression and treatment response. To achieve these goals, NetMD will develop new solutions for unobtrusively capturing patient movement, speech and contextual data with mobile sensors and devices. These data will be analysed with self-learning algorithms and cognitive computational models to recognize specific patient activities and assess their cognitive status. NetMD will implement integrative data mining and visual analytics to enable visual knowledge discovery regarding disease evolution patterns, therapy effectiveness and therapy personalization. Finally, based on recognized disease patterns, MD and cognitive status, patient-centred mobile visual display of patient health status will support patient self-management and interactions with caretakers.

NetMD will focus on three of the most common movement disorders: Parkinson, Essential tremor and restless leg.

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