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NeuroMOD: Development and clinical validation of a neuromodulation-based rehabilitation platform for patients with motors control disorders.

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Movement disorders are neurological syndromes leading to excessive movements or to limited control of voluntary and automatic movements. Many of these disorders are not life-threatening, but represent serious difficulties in carrying out the activities of daily living and reduce patient's independence and quality of life.

The NeuroMOD project proposes the development of a neuromodulation-based platform for the rehabilitation and restoration of motor and cognitive functions of patients suffering from Parkinson's disease, a disease affecting older people and with a very high prevalence. NeuroMOD will focus on the application of a novel neurorehabilitation strategy, its functional and clinical validation, and on the evaluation of the impact of the use of the technologies involved in the musculoskeletal and nervous system as well as user's behaviour.

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